Ellis Vanicor

itunescoverEllis Vanicor was born in Church Point, Louisiana on August 14th, 1929. He started playing the fiddle in 1946, and soon after, started his band the Lacassine Playboys. In the beginning, they used many accordion players, but it was when they recorded with Iry LeJeune that they became a household name. Together with LeJeune, the Lacassine Playboys recorded four songs; The Lacassine Special, ‘tite Monde, The Calcasieu Waltz and the Teche Special. Through the many years of his musical career, Ellis has played with other notable musi- cians such as Shorty Leblanc, Linus Touchet and Bobby Leger. It was with Leger’s band, The Lake Charles Playboys, that he recorded his most recognized tune, “Don’t Bury Me.” This song is characterized by high vocals and heart-felt emotion and has been recreated beautifully in track one of this CD. Ellis has continued to make his presence known throughout Southwest Louisiana. His charasmatic presence has cultivated and captivated many lifelong fans. The spirit of the Lacassine Playboys has been revitalized and captured, here, in this long awaited project that has been long overdue and much anticipated by the Cajun community. We hope you enjoy it.